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Project Overview

The Kano State Government received financing from the Islamic Development Bank through the Federal Government to implement the Kano State Agro-pastoral Development Project, the objective of is to contribute to poverty reduction and to strengthen food and nutrition security of vulnerable population in Kano state through sustainable development of livestock and crop selected value chains. The aims are to develop Agro-Pastoral production systems in the State. The project directly addresses a fundamental root cause of low animal productivity and conflicts because of the transhumance in Nigeria and particularly in Kano State. The project will invest in the development of sustainable production systems that are resilient with respect to both climate and market shocks by investing in markets institutions and infrastructures and natural resources management and conservation. Part of the fund will be use to financed the underlisted activities.

Livestock Matching Grant Schemes: This is one major fattening activities established under the project and it is aimed at producing an additional 100kg of beef per cow and an additional 15kg of meat from small ruminants through the incremental production of fodder.

KSADP Support

General Application Guidelines

  • Only applicants resident within Kano State shall be considered for shortlisting.
  • There is no age limit for Women and persons with special needs (PWSN).
  • All CATTLE FATTENING SCHEME beneficiaries must pay 50% of matching grant of their intervention before being qualified to receive the support.


Cattle Fattening Scheme (@50% grant) : Upon payment of 50% counterpart by a successful beneficiary, 4 Cattles will be given to a successful beneficiary and get technical support for feeds, drugs, and mineral licks. The fattening period will be 120 days making 3 cycles possible in a year.

Ram Fattening Schemes : As for the small ruminants fattening scheme, the project will support ram fatteners respectively with 5 Rams and technical support for feeds, drugs, and mineral licks; with same 120-day fattening period yielding extra 15kg/animal.

Goat Reproduction Schemes : As for the small ruminants reproduction scheme, the project will support the successful applicants with 4 She-Goats and and 1 He-Goat for rearing and improvement of their livelihood.